How Does The ReBuilder Work?

How does The ReBuilder work?The ReBuilder, produced by ReBuilder Medical, is an electronic pain relieving device that is primarily used for patients seeking neuropathy treatment. Simply plug in the ReBuilder and turn it on to begin treatment. Once the device is ready to use, it will instantly set its output parameters to fit a patient’s physical body mass by calculating the digital and electrical analog impedance of the body. The ReBuilder can automatically tell whether it is treating a woman who weighs 125 lbs. or a man who weighs 350 lbs. This level of accuracy and safety is not available with any other medical device, which is why so many doctors recommend ReBuilder Medical’s unique device.

After determining the patient’s body mass, The ReBuilder will then send out a “test” signal that travels from one foot, up the leg, into the nerve roots of the lower back, down the other leg, and to the other foot. This signal is representative of the common waveform for healthy peripheral nerves. The initial signal will then wait for a reverberating response, which is a phenomenon similar to the patella reflex. When the first signal reaches the other foot, it can then pass along the automatic response to The ReBuilder. The medical device needs less than one second to analyze the returned signal for aberrations.

Physicians have discovered that peripheral nerves have a certain shape of waveform, allowing them to diagnose the nature of a patient’s problem by analyzing the waveform in their offices. The ReBuilder, on the other hand, can detect abnormalities in the shape of the waveform without requiring patients to visit the doctor’s office. Depending on analysis of the automatic response, the electronic device will then send a compensating waveform by reducing or increasing the amount of energy. The process is then repeated up to 7.83 times per second.

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About Dr. David Phillips

rebuilder medical dr. david phillips

Dr. David Phillips is the founder of ReBuilder Medical

When Dr. David Phillips’ father developed peripheral neuropathy, which is damage to nerves from the peripheral nervous system, he was determined to find a viable solution to treat his father’s severe pain. The idea became a reality with the invention of The ReBuilder, a medical device produced by ReBuilder Medical. The ReBuilder provides safe electronic relief, treating patients with all levels of pain by gently repairing nerve damage and retraining the signals of nerve paths from the feet to the brain. This drug-free alternative can be used for in-home treatments, which explains why so many people choose this life changing treatment device.

Dr. David Phillips is an internationally recognized medical device inventor who began developing a series of health-related products to solve his family’s medical issues. Besides The ReBuilder, he is also the creator of the infrared ear thermometer and the GST Breast Cancer Detection System.

Infrared Ear Thermometer

The infrared ear thermometer is a remarkable invention with the ability to take an individual’s temperature in less than one second. Dr. David Phillips developed this medical device in order to check the temperature of his four children and avoid the mercury in glass thermometers.

GST Breast Cancer Detection System

Dr. David Phillips first tested this invention on his wife because she discovered a lump in her breast. With this medical system he was able to use a safe and simple screening test to detect whether there were signs of breast cancer. This test employs a heat sensor attached to a computer that stores test information in a National Data Bank. Physicians are then able to determine the breast’s thermal pattern and further monitor the disease depending on the amount of time it takes to accumulate test information.

Since the success of the infrared thermometer and the GST Breast Cancer Detection System, Dr. David Phillips has become a respected individual in the medical device field. He is especially recognized for The ReBuilder, the device from ReBuilder Medical that has proven to be a safe and effective treatment method for patients suffering from numbness and invasive pain.

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Electronic weight loss

We are soon to announce a new protocol for electronic weight loss.  A 5 minute video will be uploaded soon. The ReBuilder has been used for the chronic nerve pain of peripheral neuropathy, and now can be used within a system to control a patient’s weight.  The key is using the ReBuilder to stimulate the thyroid, followed by a nutritional support of potassium iodine, and transdermal administration of magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride.  More to come.

Feedback from a chemo-induced neuropathy patient.

Today I received a call from a patient advocate from the Montana Health Department (T) who was calling on behalf of a medicare cancer patient (Judy D).  This patient of a local Physical Therapist, Jeff Swift PT was so happy with her treatments for her neuropathy that she wanted a personal unit to use permanently.  T said “She says nothing else was able to touch her pain.”  Because Medicaid is problematic to work with and the patient did not disposable income with which to purchase a ReBuilder outright.

I called Jeff and we worked out a plan for him to provide her one of his units at his cost for good will.  Evidently Judy has even been going to the waiting room at the local cancer center, the Sletter Institute, and passing out his cards!

Jeff said he has a good relationship with her oncologist and he will report to him of Judy’s success and I am fully expecting for Jeff to be deluged with referrals from the oncologist.

Oncologists all over the world are now referring patients to local PTs and Chiropractors who use the ReBuilder.  If you are a professional, be sure to develop a relationship with your local oncologists and your nearby cancer center/s.

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